星期五, 8月 15, 2008


Dear Principal,

Please excuse me for this unexpected letter expressing the eagerness of mine and my son/daughter for the education offered by the XXX Primary School.

My son/daughter and I are very much impressed by the education offered by your school which stresses a balanced and all-rounded development of one’s potential. The school is so renowned for its academic and extra-curricular activities standing that all parents would like to have their children educated in such a sounding environment. I attribute the success solely to the devotion and enthusiasms by the Principal and every members of the school. The XXX really makes a difference.

I am sure my son/daughter will obtain great benefit if he/she is with the XXX. And follows his/her own initiative in learning and being diligent. Though he/she might not have done as well as others, he/she is likely to show great progress if some form of enlightenment is given by someone who is a real educationalist. Moreover, my son/daughter started playing the piano last year and has attained the stage II level. His/her talent in this area is likely to be developed further as the XXX has an excellent reputation for music.

I would be most grateful if my son/daughter could be given an interview with the Principal so that you may obtain a more comprehensive understanding of my son/daughter. Copies of my son/daughter’s school reports, certificates and testimonials are enclosed for your consideration. Should anything be missing, I can be reached at 12345678 for clarification.

Yours truly,


Dear Principal,
Please excuse me for this unexpected letter expressing the eagerness of my daughter XXXXX (XXXXXXXXX) for the education offered by the ST. XXXXX School.

My daughter and I are very much impressed by the education offered by your school, which stresses a balanced and all-rounded development of one’s potential. The school is so renowned for its academic and extra-curricular activities standing that all parents would like to have their children educated in such a sounding environment. I attribute the success solely to the devotion and enthusiasms by the Principal and every members of the school. The ST. XXXXX School really makes a difference.

I am sure my daughter will obtain great benefit if she is with the XXXXX School. And follows her own initiative in learning and being diligent. Though she might not have done as well as others, she is likely to show great progress if some form of enlightenment is given by someone who is a real educationalist. Moreover, my daughter is humble, pure and hardworking. She love reading, drawing and playing piano. She also joins the chapel master in school and obtains some performances.

I believe that my daughter could receive a high-quality education, the best development and happy school life if she could educate in your school.

My sincere hope that Principal could give us support. For more understanding of my daughter, copies of her school reports, certificates and testimonials are enclosed for your consideration. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

Thanks for your kind attention.

Yours truly,



本人乃XXX之家長。小兒將於本年九月入讀小學一年級。現特來函,期盼面提教晦,賜予機會,與小兒進行面試,以便 校長閣下能對他有更深刻認識。

本 人一直對 貴校之辦學方針推崇備至,既著重學生的學業,又兼顧學生在課餘的發展,對德育培訓亦重視有加。本人曾多次在公眾場合遇上 貴校學生,他們均表現得謙遜有禮,面上更是充滿好比陽光燦爛般笑容。校長閣下與一眾教職員對教育事業俱有滿腔熱誠,作育英材,實為社會之幸。若小兒有幸獲 閣下惜才,到 貴校接受教育,這對小兒之成長實在有莫大益處。
小兒資質實屬不差,勸奮主動,若能獲得校長及 貴校老師啟蒙,定必能造出顯著就。在學業方面,小兒尤其在中英書法環節;另一方面,小兒亦屬生性好動的孩子,熱愛足球及舞蹈,多次出外表演,課外活動參加 了交通安全隊。素仰 貴校在上述兩方面在歷年學界比賽中均有卓越表現,若小兒能有幸入讀 貴校,小兒在這方面的潛能定能得到悉心栽培。

本人誠懇希望, 校長先生能與小兒作一短談,給小兒賜。隨函附上小兒之成績表,歷年獲頒之獎狀,幼稚園校長對小兒之推薦信副本,敬希 卓裁。若有任何遺漏,煩請 閣下致電XXXXXXXX與本人聯絡。

XXX 家長 XXX 謹上


本 人一直對 貴校之辦學方針推崇備至,既著重學生的學業,又兼顧學生在課餘的發展,對德育培訓亦重視有加。本人曾多次在公眾場合遇上 貴校學生,他們均表現得謙遜有禮,面上更是充滿好比陽光燦爛般笑容。校長閣下與一眾教職員對教育事業俱有滿腔熱誠,作育英材,實為社會之幸。若小女/兒有 幸獲 閣下惜才,到 貴校接受教育,這對小女/兒之成長實在有莫大益處。

小女/兒資質實屬不差,勸奮主動,若能獲得校長及 貴校老師啟蒙,定必能造出顯著就。在學業方面,小女/兒尤其喜愛英文環節;另一方面,小女/兒是個動靜皆宜的孩子,課餘時間學習繒畫及鋼琴,在校內積極參 與詩歌合唱團,多次參與表演,若小女/兒能有幸入讀 貴校,小女/兒在這方面的潛能定能得到悉心栽培。
本人誠懇希望, 校長先生給與支持,給小女/兒賜。隨函附上小女/兒之成績表,歷年獲頒之獎狀,卓裁。


(1) 一封自薦信
(2) 一封幼稚園校長推薦信(副本)
(3) 個人資料自我介紹
(4) 小一學位選校表(副本)連同自行收生選校表
(5) K1,K2,K3學期成績表(副本)
(6) 英文、普通話及電腦科評估表等(副本)
(7) 家課(副本)
(8) 其他課外活動證書(副本)
(9) 校外設計比賽及舞蹈表演相片
(10) 中英文書法及標語設計比賽獲獎相片
(11) 學生相一張、出生證明(副本)、回郵信封

4)家長給小學校長的信,~最好由自己編寫,因為大家都有着一飾一樣的信,如果你係校長 你會點呢?字可以係打印~




Your Address:


Mr./Mrs XXX
The Princple
XXX Primary School

Dear Mr. XXX,

Highly impressed by the whole-person education and the brillant teachers of your school, which have been nurturing students of both academic and moral excellence in the past ?? years, therefore, on behalf of our son, BBB, we would like to apply for the admission to Primary One (or Primary Two).

Educated in YYY Kindergarten, BBB performs especially well in Chinese and English, satisfactorily in other subjects. He has a bright character, a strong curiosity, and a love for reading and music. At the school's talent show this year, he even received an award in the Volin performance.

In order to balance BBB's development in all aspects, My husband and I often accompany him to participate in many family activities organized by our community orgainizations to broaden his horizon, to foster his knowledge in our society, and to encourage his independent thinking and expression of ideas.

We wish the best for our child's development and earnestly hiope that BBB could recieve a high-quality education from you school, meanwhile, he coulc enjoy a happy school life.

Enclosed are a completed application form and copies of the relevant documents for your review. We look forward to hearing from you soon. Thank you for your time and consideration.

Yours sincerely,
Attachment : 1 application form, 1 copy of the academic report and 1 self-address envelope.


xxxxxxx School (Primary School) Your Address
No. 41-B, xxxxx road,
Hong Kong
September 6, 2005.

Attn : Mr. xxxxxxxxx, Principal of the School

Re : Request for Application Form for 2005 Primary One Class

With complete sharing on the spirit of the School Badges - to be humble, hardworking, pure and truthful, we hope our daughter, Miss ________________ could pursue on this right track. Certainly, the best way we hope _____ could achieve this goal is to let her become a student of your esteemed school.

As _______ is our first child to attend the Primary School, we should be grateful if you could accept our apologies for this unexpected letter. While there may be further arrangement such as testing, interview, or examination that would be coming up in the next few months, we would appreciate if you could provide us with a copy of the relevant Application Form in the meantime.

Kindly find enclosed a copy of _________’s Birth Certificate and a returned envelope for your perusal.

Should you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact us at ___________.

With warm regards,

Yours truly,



4th October 2005
Miss Wong
The Principal

Dear Miss Wong,

We are very grateful and appreciative of you spending precious time in reading this unexpected letter of ours. The main purpose of this letter is to take this opportunity to introduce our son/daughter to you.

Our son/daughter, XXX has applied to your school for P1 admission next year during the Discretionary Phase. We are highly impressed by your School Motto – to be humble, mutual respect, hardworking, positive philosophy, independent thinking. Similarly, the team of brilliant teachers who have nurtured the students towards academic and moral excellence has greatly motivated us. As such, we are very keen for him/her to become a student of your esteemed school. We have selected your school for the Discretionary Phase (Application Form No. XXX, number XXX), and have already decided that if we should fail, we will definitely try again in the Central Allocation Phase and subsequently thereafter

XXX is currently studying in the whole day upper class of XXX Kindergarten. He/She enjoys reading and music very much. Our son/daughter is honest, independent and has a bright character, with a strong sense of curiosity which we encourage. He/She has won school awards for School Competition of English Chirography, Chinese Chirography and other competitions in the school.

In order to balance XXX’s developments, he/she attends Piano Course in Tom Lee Music and English Phonics Course in Bauhinia Association. We also often bring him/her to family activities organized by the community organizations, the school and our family in order to broaden his/her horizon and to encourage his/her independent thinking.

We would be appreciated if we could be given an interview (anytime) with the Principal for further clarification and we sure that the Principal could obtain a more comprehensive understanding of our son/daughter.

Enclosed, please find a copy of the application form, curriculum vitae and copies of awards, certificates, academic reports and photos for your consideration.

Thank you for your kind attention.
Yours sincerely,



中文自薦信範例 (中文自薦信範本由明報編輯部提供)

  素聞  貴校校風淳樸,辦學嚴謹,懷作育英才之抱負,致力推動德智體群四育,學生表現出類拔萃,在社會及學界備受稱譽,本人十分欽佩。

   上月適值  貴校開放日,本人偕小女XXX到校參觀,深感 貴校學生知書達禮,才藝兼備,教師教導有方,乃一秉持崇高教學理念之優良學府。小女將於明年九月升讀小學,本人冀盼小女能入讀  貴校,接受全人教育。小女年幼時已參加XXX幼稚園舉辦之學前輔導課程,得以增進知識,培養自信及合群性格。小女聰敏好學,對語言、藝術尤具天分,學業成 績一直名列前茅。 貴校一向覑重發展多元教學,培訓學生兩文三語能力﹔跨學科教學更充分發展學生潛能。倘若小女有幸在 貴校接受啟蒙訓練,定必獲益良多。

  本人認同子女之成長發展,有賴家長與學校攜手合作。知悉 貴校早年已成立家長會,如小女獲 貴校取錄,本人樂意參與家校活動,與學校共同肩負孩子成長發展之責任。

  隨函附上小女就讀幼稚園之成績單及個人資料,懇請 察閱。如蒙  貴校給予入讀機會,小女定當勤奮向學,謹遵校長與老師之諄諄教誨,日後貢獻社會,為  貴校爭光,以報悉心栽培之恩。



英文自薦信範例 (自薦信範本由明報編輯部提供)

Dear Mrs. Wong,

It gives me great honour to write to you. We met last month at your School Open Day, and at the time, my daughter, XXX, and I were impressed by the virtues your pupils presented and the academic excellence they maintained. I also agree with your adoption of the cross-curriculum methodology to broaden pupils' horizon. Such nourishing environment has confirmed our decision to apply to your school.

XXX shares the same view with full enthusiasm. She actively joins an array of enlightening courses that can equip her with essential knowledge, thus build up her confidence. I believe this initiative is the main reason that your pupils are always outstanding. More encouragingly, my husband and I find my daughter has potent language ability, especially in reading English literature. This trait is exceptionally suited to your school's emphasis on language training.

We also recognize that your school is one of the few pioneers in establishing a parents' association, in which teachers coordinate seasonable activities to foster a harmonious relationship between the school board and parents. Their commitment and consideration again makes us feel that we can count on your school to nurture wholesome development of our children.

We are now more convinced than ever that (school name) is our ultimate choice. In the meantime, I am enclosing XXX's achievement portfolio, which explains further why her qualities would make a good addition to your school. Thank you for letting us know that primary school life can be that fruitful and enjoyable.

Yours faithfully,
(Parent's name)



Principal of XXXXX School

I have been requested to provide a reference for WONG xxxx xxxx who has applied for the admission to the XXXXXXX School. I have known this little Christian for a period of ____ years/months. In reference to his practice of the Christian Faith:

He attends Mass on a regular basis. He is baptized and registered in the local parish. He is familiarly known to me and is a small Christian role model.

I know his parents fairly well. I appreciate them for all their contributions and voluntaries to our church. I felt very delightful in their devoutness and worships, and have insight that their strong beliefs in God must have been developed into a very positive influence on their son’s development.

Attending to XXXXXXXX School would be the perfect fit for WONG xxxx xxx with a strong Christian background and a great start for his education.

Signature of Priest Address of Parish


Name of Priest ________________________

Date Phone_____________



自 參觀 貴校開放日後,本人被 貴校學生們那活潑可愛、互相参與的精神所吸引。為了能更了解 貴校,在這年多的時間裡,本人曾向 貴校的家教會成員及家長們作出深入了解,知道 貴校對培育學生各方面的發展不為餘力,其中以德育方面更獲高度評價。 在本年九月小女XXX參觀 貴校時,XXX對 貴校環境、設施和老師們和藹可親的態度非常喜愛。經過與XXX相討後,我們一致決定向 貴校遞交小一入學申請表,可惜在抽簽中未被抽到,故現致函校長,敬請能給與小女後補生的機會。 我們深切希望XXX有機會接受貴校的優質教育,成為 貴校的一份子,渡過一個快樂的校園生活。

祝 工作順利




您 好!首先多謝您去年十二月中來電,回覆小女申請後補生之信件。時間過得很快,小一派位結果公佈日期將近,作為家長心情亦非常緊張。 回想年初XXX為了將會成為小學生,主動要求裝備自己,如減少午睡、學習如何分配做家課、温習及遊戲等時間,作為家長真是感到非常安慰;只可惜現今派位制 度所限,我們除了在XXX裝備自己的過程中給與指導和協助外,對於派位結果真感到無能為力。 我們確信有良好的小學教育,將會為日後升學打好基礎,因此我們將揀選與小女性格配合的小學為首要的目標。正因如此,如XXX於六月?日派位公佈後,未能派 往 貴校就學,懇請校長給與XXX一個小一學位。



祝貴校各師生 身體健康、生活愉快



姓 名 : XXX
性 別 : 女
年 齡 : 5
出生日期 : 年 月 日
出世紙號碼: Y 123456(7)
地 址 :
電話號碼 : 1234 5678 ,
XXXX 5432(父親),
XXXX 4567(母親)
小一入學申請表編號: 5555 6666
家庭狀況 : 父親 – XXX
母親 - XXX
妹妹 – XXX
學 歷 : XXXX中英文幼稚園高班
校內成績 : XXX中英文幼稚園中班
上學期 – 學業成績優異獎第二名
下學期 – 學業成績優異獎第二名
下學期 – 勤到獎
上學期 – 服務獎
課外活動 : July 2001 至今 XX琴行 - 鋼琴一級班
January 2002 至February 2003 香港青年協XX青年空間 – 創意空間
April 2002 至January 2003 體操精英訓練班
June 2002 香港工會聯合會 - 親子真雪溜冰訓練初班
March 2003 至今 XXX藝社 – 滾軸溜冰
興 趣 : 彈琴、閱讀、畫畫、學習新事物
性 格 : 活潑好動 ・熱情・樂於助人

1 交表時要跟學校次序把資料file好,及連同Profile一起交
2 把學校所需的副本連同入學表釘成一份
3 Profile 內最好連學校所需的副本及你小朋友的資料file成一份

Application Profile:
1) Covering letter - principle
- 為何要申請這校
- 家長對辦學機構的要求,一直對小孩的培訓
- 貴校希望的辦學理念是我一直希望….
- 希望小兒/女可在貴校一同成長共同向理念硓手
2) The info that must
- 兒童出世紙
- 成積表
- K1 to K3 兒童表現
- K1 to K3 作品紀錄
- K1 to K3 工作紙

3) Others info
- Awards from others activities
- Certificate or Course kids’ had join with fun
All items must divided in index & have cover

1) Cover better designed & draw by your kid
2) Index (clearly show which page for which items)
3) Letter to school
4) Standard info school need
5) Comment from his/her form teacher, & show how you match the learning for kids together with school (show your sincere work together with school)
6) Report, no need for the best, but need to show he/she getting improve both by hard working from kids & parents
7) Reference with fun, said writing, drawing & other art work
8) Course they join, not show off you are wealth to give but to care to give, let kid to have change to learn more under their willing (show by report, must with laugh not by tears)

*Better have scan their work by computer than print out, it will be more colourful & attractive!*

The above guide line only can help for application, for interview pls take easy & don’t be nervous, especially don’t show in front of the kids. Otherwise, will affect their performance during the interview time! I don’t think interview training course is useful for kids but if you apply traditional famous school may be need. All my comment is let your kid show what she/he really is. If can’t apply that school, may be that school is not suitable for she/he.

Knowing that while applying Primary school should be full of nervous & pressure, so pls be “Easy Easy Easy…. With smile & love!”




(a) 要按照子女在出世紙上的姓名填寫。
Personal ProfilePersonal Details:
Name in English : Wong Tsz Yan, Kelly
Name in Chinese : 王芷欣
Gender : Female
Date of Birth : 27th June, 2000
Place of Birth : Hong Kong
Nationality : Chinese

(b) 如家長經常不在香港,緊記要寫清楚聯絡電話號碼。
Parents' Details
Name of Father : Wong Man Keung, Daniel
Father's Occupation : Marketing Director
Telephone Number : 9000 8000
Name of Mother : Lee Yan Yee, Kristy
Mother's Occupation : Housewife
Telephone Number : 9090 9090
Home Address : 45/F, Block II, No. 37, King's Road, Hong Kong
Schools Attended:
September 2003 to Present Westin Kindergarten
September 2002 to July 2003 Kingston Nursery School

(c) 填寫最有代表性及最近期的項目。子女在入幼稚園前獲取的獎項,如爬行比賽冠軍,在入讀小學時已不再重要。
Westin Kindergarten
* Award of Conduct and Excellent Academic Achievement Certificate (2005)
* First Honour Student (2005)
* Certificate of Award - Conduct (2004)

(d) 要選擇對子女有幫助及能切合學校課程的課外活動,更重要是讓學校感覺到子女有恆心。課外活動應以質而非量取勝。家長如為子女編排太多課外活動,但每種活動都半途而廢,反而對報考的子女不利。

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